A deep affinity for walking alongside those who suffer, a unique blend of training and experience, as well as the profound healing she has experienced personally, leave Jen Simmons with both the skill and the passion for the work of Therapist. 

A Licensed Professional Counselor,  Jen graduated from Covenant Seminary with her Master of Arts in Counseling and Master of Arts in Theology.  Her professional experience includes over 20 years of conducting individual, marriage and group therapy with a wide array of populations and presenting issues, both chronic and highly acute.  These settings include private practice, not for profit counseling practice, community mental health agency, the college campus, and hospital settings. 

Jen lives in South City, St. Louis with her husband, their two school-aged children, and 2 dogs who could use some serious canine therapy.  In her free time, Jen can be found reading in a cozy coffee shop, enjoying the outdoors with family, or having fun dancing and practicing yoga. 

Artwork by Clare Wood

Artwork by Clare Wood

"As a clinical director, and after interacting with a myriad of mental health professionals over the years, I can say without hesitation that you simply cannot find many therapists like Jen. She is genuine and she cares deeply for the work she does. Not only is she passionate about her work, but she also excels at it. She brings out the best in colleagues and clients alike precisely because she sees the best in others."  - Cynthia Rogers, MD Director, Perinatal Behavioral Health Service, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO

"I was fortunate to receive counseling from Jen at a time where a lot of my life was in a lot of pieces.  In her wisdom, Jen had categories and understanding that made me feel instantly relieved and paved the way for thorough communication and healing.  She is knowledgable, careful and patient with every part of your story and is well versed in various therapies to find the appropriate one for you.  I left her office each time with a tremendous weight lifted as well as courage for the day that eventually spread into weeks, months, etc...I highly recommend Jen and am thankful for her integral role of healing in my life."  - Client  

"My first time in therapy with Jen changed me for the better as a person.  Jen was able to enter into my experience and tailor my therapy based on my own individual needs.  She showed me the utmost compassion and understanding and truly digested what I was saying and formulated advice and skills that were applicable to me.  Anyone that has the opportunity to be counseled by her will find it to be a time of both inner growth and peace." - Client  

"I have had the privilege of being both a colleague and long-time friend of Jen Simmons.  She is a woman who values and pursues growth in both knowledge and skill.  But it is the addition of her deep love and care for individual people, her belief in the reality and power of grace, and her God-given wisdom that make Jen stand out as an exceptional counselor.  Those who get the opportunity to be counseled by her will find time with her to be a place of both rest and growth." - Jamie Gregory, LPC, St. Louis, MO

"Jen simmons has been my therapist for two years.  She came into my life at a most crucial time!  I have to admit that I didn't want a 'counselor' - I was way too old to be counseled!  At 68 years old, I should, by now, know what God was telling me and what He wanted me to do!  However, with the suggestion from my pastor, I began a relationship with this remarkable woman of God.  She has never 'told' me what to do.  Instead, she has shown me how to face myself, give myself forgiveness and love, and how to have a voice in this life, one that matters and makes a difference."  - Client

"Sometimes the past, the present, and the future catch up with us in a swirl we can't quite parse out.  Jen is a gifted listener who also incorporates EMDR to work out past hurts, past joys, and past exclusions.  The combination of Jen and her techniques leads to a clear and cogent catharsis - something I often left yearning for with previous counselors.  What a beautiful thing it is to have someone match your step." - Client.